Chilean Food

Chile is a South American country bordered by Bolivia, Argentina, the coastal region of the Pacific and the vast Patagonia desert. Chile offers a wide variety of food to enjoy its vast variety of landscapes, climates, fauna and geology. It is a South American country, which is divided into thirty-two sub-continents. Chile has a diverse climate, which makes it an ideal tourist destination year round. One of the most popular regions in Chile is the Atacama Desert, which is famous for its large fertile plains. The terrains of this region are very high, giving ample opportunities for both desert and upland agriculture. Chile has a large variety of food, ranging from spicy fruit juices to sweet desserts. Chile is a leading exporter of wheat, barley, cotton, beans and soybeans, and is one of the world's largest exporters of cereals and legumes. Chile is known for its production of some of the best black beans in the world, including the black adzuki bean. Other popular black beans include black Equadorian bean and the purple Andean bean, which are used in many recipes around the world. In terms of food, Chilean cuisine is characterized by various varieties of beans, stewed and fried foods, salads, and specialty dishes like seafood. Chileans are lovers of salsas, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, breads, desserts and fish. Chileans have also introduced a new variety of salsas that are made with smoked fish and red onion. Salsas can be used to season mild or milder dishes; salsas are also used as an ingredient or dressing to boost the flavor of black beans. Chileans are experts at concocting their own unique salsa, which is a mixture of spices and lime juice, usually with scallions. Many different types of Chiles are used in chilean cooking. These include black, green, red and guave (wild garlic). A unique feature of Chilean dishes is the use of salsas in saline-based dishes. Chileans are known for their saline intake, especially when it comes to fish, meats, and dairy products. They also enjoy their salsines in dessert such as chocolate, which they consume with cream or powdered milk. Chileans are also famous for their corn preparations, which is why you often find tortillas being prepared with this ingredient. In addition to corn, Chilean cuisine also includes rice, potatoes and other grains. Salsa, served with chips, is another favorite among Chilean food lovers. Chileans are also known for their love of seafood, which is shown in their fondness for grilled seafood. Seafood is usually served alongside the chilean fish that is characteristic of their cuisine. Aside from seafood and beef, Chileans are also known for their love of plantains. Plantains are fried plantains, which originated from the coastal region of Chile. They are similar to corn pancakes, except that they contain corn instead of eggs. Typical chilean foods include sopaipillas, horchata and torts. Chileans also enjoy drinking red wine. Chileans are passionate red wine drinkers; in fact, drinking red wine has become a way of life for them. Chileans also eat a high fiber diet, especially for those who live on the South-American continent. Fiber helps lower cholesterol and helps maintain good health. High fiber foods include flax seeds, which are used in Chile recipes and sopaipillas, which are fried eggplant. Chileans have a diverse diet. Although their country is small by comparison to countries like America and Europe, their food can still hold the charm and taste of a typical Chilean dish. Pork, beef and poultry are staples, as are vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, potatoes and tomatoes. Horchata and sopaipillas round out the typical Chilean dishes. Chileans do tend to have some difficulty digesting foods rich in carbohydrates and fat; therefore, they usually have to rely on fruits and vegetables for their protein.